A News Article from 1998 about MacIntyre's behavior in Ottawa before coming to Toronto

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The original title was "No new lease on life for tenants' rights group" and it was published in Centertown news on March 27 of 1998. The author was Jeff Meerman

Centertown news is a community paper run by the Carleton University School of Journalism. You would think aspiring journalists would have some clus as to the harmfullness and inapropriateness of present judicial notions of copyright. But no, during the latest FMTA campaign to harass this web site using bogus copyright claims, they cited this to this "DMCA" operation.

They do not even have this on their site anymore in any online archive. It was originally retreived from http://www.carleton.ca/ctown/archiv/old/Mar2798.html. I know from experience that these dopes who want a "rent" from old written material they are in posession of, can't get it that they are not getting any money from it and should not. They got their money for their work when this edition of the paper was published.

They will not be willing to entertain commiting to leave it up at a link I can put into a page. Or, to simply hand it to me as a public interest. I also find they have delusional ideas about what kind of money they can get for production rights.

But enough about the present state of the jurisprudence. I find the best solution is to simply paraphrase the article. So, Lehrer's troublemaking gets him nowhere and usually improves the site.

The article describes how the Federation of Ottawa-Carleton Tenant's Asociations is about to close if it does not get money formt he city or regional government. Dan MacIntyre, described as the president and sole remaining employee, is quoted as saying "These aren't the best of times, " and "The federation is on very shaky ground."

Any organization where there is not a distinction between the board and staff is a shaky one. As well, MacIntyre, then 48 years old, complained that the could not live on his $35 000 salary because he wants to save for retirement and thinks he needs $48 000 a year to survive. This is revealing, as when he got to Toronto he started getting such an exhorbitant salary form the city that he could retire in only ten years. Somebody looked afer him well, didn't they?

It seems the federation had to lay off two staff two years previously. The city of Ottawa had been providing them with $30 000 a year. The final crisis came when the provincial government withdrew its &74 000. They tried gettting money from the Capitol region.

Marni Cappe, then head of Ottawa-Carleton's policy branch, is quoted that the region will pay for social-housing programs, like low-cost housing and rent supplements, not funded by the province. However, the region considers the federation an interest group so it can't get funding from the social-housing budget.

The last hope had been to get more money from the city, but the city was cutting its budget that year. The authors drivel a bit about how the "Harris Cuts" have been closing down social organizations that will never be recreated. They seem unable to ask what the organization did that was useful, and how many members it had. The outrageous "dollar a door" idea is not mentioned.

They supposedly helped 4000 people last year. What if they had 4000 membeers paying $12 a year; that would have made up their budget shorfall.

But below is some comment made when this article was first put up four years ago. And there is your copyright claim, losers at Centertown news.

According to Fred Gloger who had at one time been on the Board of the Federation of Ottawa-Carleton Tenants Associations, without board approval, Mr. McIntyre, stopped paying the rent on the group's office, and forwarded without permission their office telephone to a new one for his new business, Dan McIntyre and Associates, and forwarded their website to a one for his newly formed Ottawa tenant paralegal business.

This is confirmed with the last known page of the Federation of Ottawa-Carleton Tenants Assocations, which alas no longer exists, where Dan McIntyre had all the tenant information removed and replaced by a link to his paralegal site for Dan McIntyre and Associates, see Dan McIntyre and Associates.

One interesting thing we saved from that site is a page which did not seem to be linked to the rest of the site, text below;


The Ontario Government is now looking at an idea that we have been talking about for over 10 years. The idea is to designate $1 of every rent cheque to tenant advocacy through organizations such as our Federation. This idea, when implemented, would result in a tenfold increase in funding for Tenant Organizations and would permit us to take a much stronger role in advocating for tenants throughout Ottawa-Carleton. This page can still be viewed at http://www.tenant.net/Other_Areas/Canada/carlton/dollar

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