latest news

April 2013

It seems that Giorgio Mammoliti has been replaced on the "fund fmta" committee with Jaye Robinson, considered a supporter of FMTA. This seems to be part of the declining power of Rob Ford at city hall.

FMTA is too much of a sacred cow to the left forces at city hall to be shaken until we have a moderate mayor with some credibility. It is all part of getting away from the super partisanship at city hall, which creates so much corruption.

We have the goods about these people if someone was in a position to use it. We will continue to monitor FMTA and related and similar groups. The "torontotenantsassociations" has been moved inside the website to a folder titled FMTA. A reroute wil be set up and eventually the torontotenantsasociation domain wil dissappear.

As for "Mammoloonie", he is no real loss, he was not doing any good on that committee anyway. He is so unstable that he is as likely to flip out and attack us as any of the FMTA crowd.

Jaye Robinson, now of the dirty half dozen, ward 25 councillor