Pro OCAP councillor Janet Davis wants a new tenant funding committee

Linked below is something new about FMTA that came over the net; an official letter from a pro FMTA councillor. They want to get their "fund FMTA" committee reestablished. We did not even know the old one was formally disestablished, the tenant pimps have kept such a low profile.

But we might interpret this as them having a plan to come above ground again. They may think that with Mayor Ford disempowered the environment is now safer for them. We are going to have to start making inquiries about their budget for this year.

What is particularly offensive is that FMTA and the people funding them are what is responsible for the voices of tenants not being heard for a couple of decades in the city. As I have said so often, FMTA exists mainly to silence tenants in this city.

This situation will go on forever until there is a sufficient core of people with the wherewithall between the ears to form a real tenant issues committee. I mean one created by tenants who are able to work together and protect each other.

Other news we have heard is that Howard Tessler is again in charge of the tenant hotline. That is interesting. We assume he is still working to take control of it.


Janet Davis letter