the OCAP-FMTA nexus

Now FMTA is openly promoting OCAP events on their message board. See here.

And here

This is no news to those who have been following the FMTA and its relations with radical groups. It is now becoming more open. Certain factions within OCAP have been trying to "align" it more with FMTA. Their actions are bearing fruit.

Many of the staff and volunteers of FMTA are now OCAP members. It is a safe bet that FMTA will be relying on OCAP's thugs for intimidation in future. In return, OCAP, always desperate for funds, is now geting a lot of it's money from FMTA. In other words, from the taxpayers of Toronto.

Another group that ties into these first two is the clique which has been using every dirty means possible to maintain or regain control of the Ryerson student radio station, CKLN. Andy Lehrer is the leader of this CKLN faction as well as a senior staff person at FMTA and is invovled with OCAP.