Racist attacks, are the Federation of Metro Tenants Associations behind them?

They claim they aren't but they sure promote the sites that do and always instantly appear where they are happening.

This is to recount of two documented and dispicable instances I am aware of.

Topic: Ontario Rent Increase Guideline announced and Activist Resources
Author: BobLevitt
Babbler # 10254
posted 28 August 2005 01:11 PM

The Ontario rent increase guideline for 2006 of 2.1%, was announced on Friday, August 12, 2005.

You can find more information like this at:

Ontario Tenants Rights,

Other useful resources on this site include:

Ontario MPP Contact List

Ontario Hydro Electricity Privatization page
(includes a monthly chart of natural gas prices)

Electricity saving tips for tenants

Power Blackout Outage Tips

Tenants Association Organizing Guide

You may want to link directly to any or all of these resources.

If you are a social service you may want to e-mail me to get listed on this site.


Author: skremko
Babbler # 11005
posted 15 November 2005 12:27 PM

Tenants need to avoid the Ontario Tenants website.

It is a crooked site run by Bob Levitt that is meant to mislead tenants and destroy the tenants movement.

He is a crooked jew working for the jew landlords.

If you are a tenant you need to complain about his theiving website to admin@crucible.net and get his webhost to take down that site that steals from poor tenants.


Author: danwayne {Editor's note, this is Dan McIntyre's alias on this forum}
Babbler # 4095
posted 16 November 2005 03:02 PM

As senior staff member of the Federation of Metro Tenants Associations let me add a comment.

We have no problem with Mr. Levitt having a web site, but Mr. Levitt carries a grudge against us from the last century. And I have learned in my almost six years in Toronto, that it is best to rise above old pettiness.

We do however wish people to note our web site at www.torontotenants.org and urge all tenants to unite and work for fair laws, fairer rents, a better system, and better services for tenants.

We also disassociate ourselves from any remarks of an anti-semitic nature or other hurtful comments.

Together we are strong.


But on the public Usenet newsgroups, Dan McIntyre, admits they did have a link to an anti-semitic website and finally removed the link.

You can see it here.

From: Dan McIntyre - view profile
Date: Wed, Jun 4 2003 4:03 pm
Email: "Dan McIntyre"
Groups: tor.general
Subject: Tenants: Together we can intimidate

Just to clarify for real people who can read. Yes the messages were posted and deleted.

{Typist Note: The rest of the rant has been deleted, but you can read it at the above link if you want.}

From: jimparker91 - view profile
Date: Thurs, Jun 5 2003 9:54 am
Email: jimparker91@hotmail.com
Groups: tor.general
Subject: Tenants: Together we can intimidate

Mr. McIntyre:

My concern is that someone on this newsgroup brought to everybody's attention that your discussion board for over two weeks was linking to and promoting people visit a website http://ca.geocities.com/tenantstogether that was racist and making false claims of fraud against Mr. Levitt.

It was only when that became the topic of public discussion on this newsgroup, that first you wanted only Mr. Levitt's public postings here deleted and then you finally posted here that you removed the link and claiming you had nothing to do with that web site. You never stated why your web site and presumably your group were promoting that racist web site and never making any comments that you disagreed with the content you were clearly promoting. If you had nothing to do with that website why were you promoting it for over two weeks before the heat on you was so bad you deleted the link?

And here is a newspaper article on how someone edited a previous Mark Bonokosk article to insert Bob Levitt's name to falsely make it look like he had criminal charges against him for defrauding tenants.

Toronto Sun, Friday, March 7, 2003

Hi-tech abused by some lowbrow
Column twisted to feed hatred

By Mark Bonokoski

"Can you trust a Jew to fight the Jew landlord? Don't let him steal your money."
-- Words on a GeoCities Web site

Cyberspace can be a truly ugly place. It is, after all, a virtually lawless frontier where legitimate material can be stolen willy-nilly by anonymous hackers, retooled to libel whoever is to be targeted, and then posted on another Web site.

The victims, of course, are many.

There's the person being libelled. There's the original writer whose work was pilfered and, in this case, viciously turned into a piece which suddenly had the hateful sting of anti-Semitism.

The quote atop this column says it all.

And there's the owner of the copyright, which, in this scenario, is The Toronto Sun.

Back in mid-October, I wrote a story about a bogus storefront paralegal business -- now defunct -- which had been peppering apartment buildings in the city's north end with flyers promising to fight rent hikes and landlord-tenant issues.

The man allegedly behind that storefront operation had just been arrested by detectives at 32 Division's fraud squad on four counts of fraud over $5,000, and four counts of fraud under $5,000.

But, because the suspect was before the courts -- and still is -- no name was used.

The column was meant to be a warning for tenants to be cautious. It was caveat emptor, and it therefore painted a picture of buyer beware. As a subhead above the column put it, "Frauds seldom make sexy reading, but scams can easily wreck lives."


If not for a vigilant reader, I would likely never have known about a certain GeoCities Web site which had taken that column, complete with my name as author, and The Toronto Sun as its publisher, and reworked it into a piece of hate.

Instead of running the column exactly as it was written, an actual name was inserted to represent the person the cops at 32 Division had busted.

Trouble is, the two were not one and the same.

The person named on the GeoCities site was not the person the police had arrested, but another Toronto paralegal who the anonymous hacker obviously loathed. {Typists Note: the writer got this wrong, Bob has never been and never claimed to ever be a paralegal and has never tried to represent tenants. He had been a volunteer for a number of years at Parkdale Community Legal Services both doing intake and organizing meetings for their landlord and tenant law division while he says he was in physiotherapy after having spent time relearning to walk after an accident.}

And that ugly quote -- "Can you trust a Jew to fight the Jew landlord?" -- was posted as a lead-in to my altered column as if those words were to be associated with my words.

This offensive Web site had to be dealt with.

{Typists Note: the rest of this excepted story is about the struggles the Toronto Sun went through to get the site taken down. Bob at the time was very distraught with the situation and had spent a lot of time and effort to get it taken down with absolutely no response from Yahoo.}

This is a reprint from that false website the Federation of Metro Tenants Associations' website was urging viewers to go to.

You can read more here about the person who actually had been charged and eventually found guilty, Sandy Hutchens.


Bob never has had any criminal record, in spite of rumours that it appears this group may spreading.

It also urges readers to get his tenant website taken down and in that it closely resembles many many posts on the Federation of Metro Tenants Association discussion forums, that aren't anonymous to the FMTA because you have to request a password from Dan McIntyre danm5@yahoo.com to get a password to post with. But there is more of there attacks on their website back on the FMTA story expose page.

saved from url=(0040)http://ca.geocities.com/tenantstogether/




Do you have problems with


That is just the beginning

You also need to beware of all those who want to rip you off !

Tenants Beware of Robert Levitt

This former telemarketer now is a tenant paralegal stealing $10,000's from poor desperate tenants.

He uses his copy cat tenant web sight www.geocities.com/torontotenants to convince tenants he is real and legitamate then offers his for payment services.

His sight is a copy of the Federation of Metro Tenants' Associations web site http://www.torontotenants.org/ not only in name but most of his contents were plagarized from FMTA documents. His sight only went online in the fall of 2002 and the number of visitors are lies. He fools people by having a name and the documents from a well respected organization that have been fighting for tenants for a 29 years.

Stop this crook now by emailing abuse@geocities.com and demand they take down his fraudulent sight.

Can you trust a jew to fight the jew landlords? Don't let him steal your money.

Levitt is presently using the phone number 416.6xx.xxxx. If he doesn't take down his criminal web site soon his latest address will posted here.

Buyers, beware

Frauds seldom make sexy reading but scams can easily wreck lives

By Mark Bonokoski - TORONTO SUN

Police have him down as a wolf in sheep's clothing, a hit-and-run predator who laid his trap by professing to be a fighter for the underdog.

They have Robert Levitt running a bogus storefront paralegal business in the city's north end, and peppering apartment buildings with flyers promising to fight rent hikes and landlord-tenant issues. Not only that, he could arrange loans, and act as a broker in the sale of commercial properties.

In fact, there was little Levitt couldn't do.

Until his luck ran out.

"He was nothing but a cancer," said Det.-Const. Ed Malachowski, a member of 32 Division's fraud squad.

"Bob Levitt was a cancer who had to be stopped. He couldn't have cared less about his victims.

"Once he had won their trust, they were done."

The arrest of this "cancer" on four counts of fraud over $5,000 and four counts of fraud under $5,000 was significant enough at the time to make the major occurrence sheets which Toronto Police issue daily to media outlets across the city.

But no newspaper picked up the story, nor did any radio or television station.

Frauds just don't sell. They lack glamour. They lack the grit of the street. They lack edge.

But they can also ruin lives, push the victims over the financial brink -- sometimes out of their business, sometimes out of their home.

It's caveat emptor. It's buyer beware.

There are four officers assigned to the fraud squad at 32 Division. Each detective has a caseload of more than 100 files. That's 400-plus ongoing fraud investigations in one division alone.

Fraud may not be glamorous, but it's pervasive. And Levitt's case is just one of many with plot lines so similar that they appear cut from templates.

Robert Levitt allegedly played upon the vulnerability of his clients, many of them immigrants who were uncertain of the language and uncertain of the system.

They came to him with a problem, and he allegedly took advantage of their situation. It was that simple.

One of the frauds over $5,000 reportedly involved a woman who first came to him over a landlord-tenant dispute her son was having in another city, but that was soon on the backburner when it was learned that the woman also wanted to sell her small rent-all shop in north Toronto.

Claiming he had business brokerage offices in Toronto, the Philippines and Russia, Levitt apparently told her that he would search his client base for potential buyers. A few days later, he's said to have called back, claiming he had a Russian client who needed to meet the $500,000 threshold for immigrant investment in Canada.

Forget asking $480,000 for her business, she was apparently told. Go for $580,000. After all, the Russian was wealthy. Go big or go home.

Police say there was no Russian client, of course. It was all a fabrication.

According to police, the only thing real in this entire scenario was the $64,250 missing from the woman's bank account -- the sum total of the cheques she supposedly wrote to Robert Levitt to smooth the way for the sale of her business.

She had trusted the wrong man.

So, too, did a Korean man who ran a convenience store in Toronto's south end -- out $14,000, according to police, because he allegedly trusted Levitt to help settle a lease dispute with his landlord.

Police claim that after paying a $2,000 fee to initiate his services, the shopkeeper was told that the best thing he could do was to stop paying his rent until the matter was settled in a court of law.

Three months later, with his landlord breathing down his neck, the shopkeeper went back to his so-called legal expert and was reportedly told that, lo and behold, the case was going to court the very next morning.

He was then supposedly told to write him a cheque for $12,000, money which would be demanded by the court to cover three items on the agenda -- the back rent, the court fee for a motion to stop the landlord from padlocking the shop's door, plus a 10% court levy.

All bogus, of course, according to police.

No money has ever been recovered, police say. Not even a dime.

Police believe most of the profits from Levitt's alleged endeavours went up his nose. In various forms of cocaine.

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