Public Housing Landlord wants to sign up tenants to the FMTA! Why?

Toronto Free Press, May 20 to June 2, 2001


Dear Editor:

On recommendations from Councillors Jack Layton, Michael Walker, Olivia Chow, Kyle Rae and Pam McConnell, the public housing tenants' association has been holding its executive meetings with the Executive Director of the Federation of Metro Tenants' Association (FMTA).

Now that the city is the landlord for all MTHA public housing tenants in addition to City Home buildings, these politicians are considering making all these tenants automatic members of the FMTA for which the City will pay the FMTA $5 per apartment. That would be $1/2 million a year!

The politicians are claiming that this way these tenants will have somebody to protect their rights against the landlord.

If you are a public housing tenant, would you want the city government who is also your landlord to take money from your rent to join you up as a member of any group without your permission? And would you trust a group that gets almost all of their funding from your landlord and was hired by your landlord, to protect your interests - or the landlords?

It is time that these councillors are exposed for the frauds they try to perpetrate on tenants who it should be remembered are taxpayers too!

Robert De Bartolo, Toronto

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