More City of Toronto waste against taxpayers

City Agenda Item: 5a

City Clerk - Community And Neighbourhood Services Committee
Toronto City Hall,
100 Queen Street West
Toronto, Ontario M5H 2N2

April 30, 1999

Dear City Clerk - Community and Neighbourhood Services Committee:

On May 22, 1999, the City of Toronto, Community and Neighbourhood Services Committee will be reviewing the Evictions Prevention Strategy.

Attached you will find just four fo the many articles that have appeared in various publications about the lack of services provided by the Federation of Metro Tenants' Associations (FMTA,) and their questionable operating practices.

As part of the Committee's review that they will be considering a report by the City's Housing Department, the very same department that was overseeing the Eviction Prevention program and therefore the Housing department is in a conflict of interest. If they did not do their job adequately, as appears to be the case from the December 28, 1998, Toronto Sun article, then would they be honest enough to admit it when money may have been wasted and at a time of great turmoil and downsizing at City Hall?

Before considering any future funding for the Federation of Metro Tenants' Associations or their sister-groups (ie. orgaization created by the very same people,) such as HomeFront Ontario, the Harris=Homeless Campaign, or the Public Housing Fightback Campaign, I believe you must protect the taxpayers of this city and do an organization review of these groups first. Such an organizational review must include a study of the effectiveness of the work they do using factual information (eg. review of questionnaires of each call handled on their hotlines, etc.,) and not be based upon undocumented claims by the groups themselves. All responsible organizations keep records of each and every contact who calls into them for assistance. Even if the calls are confidential, records must be kept of names and phone numbers for necessary followups and these could be reviewd by a bonded third party. The organizational review must also include a finacial audit to ensure that all funding previously received was actually used for the purposes for which it was provided - to do otherwise is to ignore your fiduciary responsibilities to the taxpayes of Toronto.

I also implore you to investigate the newly created City of Toronto Sub-Committee to Restore Rent Control, to see if it will actually accomplish anything, or if it is just a cash cow for the FMTA, and a photo-opportunity for that committee's members. As the listed objectives are to "work in conjunction with tenant groups" have any tenant groups other than those associatied with the FMTA ever been consulted? If not, why not?

If further funding is provided to the FMTA and its sister-groups without such proper investigations, you and City Council will look extremely irresponsible should futher exposes of improprieties be printed in the local newspapers.

Cordially yours,

Robert De Bartolo
Phone: (416) 494-xxxx

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