This is a list of past and present employees and directors of FMTA. They profit off of the misery of poor tenants and the homeless while selling out our interests for the sake of the governments and politicians who fund their exhorbitant salaries.

It's interesting that since 1995, the head employee of the FMTA has always been an "activist" from outside of Toronto, who has been rejected by their own former communities. We have had Howard Tessler from Montreal, Dan McIntyre from Ottawa and now Geordie Dent formerly of Vancouver.

Below these are some city of Toronto staff abusers who have helped to maintain FMTA's funding.

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vvvEffie Vlachoyannacos, FMTA Chair, former Pres. ONDP Women's Committee cccAnita Agrawal, FMTA Vice Chair, Condo owner, ACORN; NDP candidate/organizer zzzGwalgen Geordie Dent FMTA Exec. Director, & formerly of No One Is Illegal, Vancouver zzzHoward Tessler, former head of Tenant Hotline, & former Montreal anarcho-Marxist xxxSarah Vance untrained hotline councillor giving legal advice, and former OCAP paid organizer xxxBently-Kelly, Tenant "Organizer" specifically targeting TCHC, OCAP activist & former paid OCAP organizer
xxxVic Natola, tenant organizer (raiding existing groups) & CUPE 1281 union steward ( Ryerson Student Union employees, who caused a lot of trouble ) xxxWendy Lum, FMTA employee & another CUPE 1281 union co-rep ( Ryerson Student Union Employees. ) xxxSharmeen Khan, FMTA bookkeeper, YorkU OPIRG xxxDan McIntyre, Tenant paralegal getting FMTA referrals, former head FMTA employee xxxKevin Milburn, former board member who made $1,000's as a paralegal from FMTA referrals xxxRhonda Sussman, Tessler's girlfriend & attack dog
xxxDarlene Stimson, former FMTA hotline counsellor, & someone they like to stick on their "enemies" xxxKenn Hale, ex-board Treasurer, Legal Director ACTO, founder of the disgraced original Tenant Hotline ccc Barb Hurd ex-board chair, Hale's wife, ran OPICCOto try to control all community activism! cccKristin Schwartz, former employee, OCAP member & fired CKLN station manager cccAnn Fitzpatrick Children's Aid Society & creator of many fake front housing groups with Barb Hurd to collect grants ccc Marcia Barry, as an employee then board member spread rumours for the FMTA

staff abusers

ccc Phil Brown Former Toronto Shelter Support & Housing Administration czar, recently retired. cccSean Gadon, long time homeless, housing & Olympics pimp cccKatherine Chislett, SSHA Director giving money to her friends and flatterers cccIain De Jong, SSHA homelessness czar