Letter from the High Park Tenants' Association to Mayor Lastman complaining about the Tenant Defence Fund Outreach Organizing Team

The letter was placed on the agenda of but ignored by the City of Toronto, Tenant Defence Subcommittee

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February 12, 2001

Dear Mayor Lastman:

I wish to bring to your attention an inaccurate report to the City by your Tenant Defence Fund Outreach-Organizing team.

In their July 19, 2000, First Quarter Report, they exaggerate their contact with the buildings where I live. There is one tenants' association for all of the buildings, and there was but one meeting on July 4, 2000, but they listed it as four separate meetings. This exaggeration is done both in their written report (page 3) as well as in their attached listings at the end of the report. There were only 5 members of the executive in attendance out of approximately 12. We were told this was just to be and information meeting.

Also, the listings at the end of the report go further than the original claims by stating they are also "working with the executive" as if that was an ongoing endeavour.

The most curious thing about the meeting I was at with Dan McIntyre of your Tenant Defence Fund Outreach-Organizing Team, was the great lengths he went to, to convince us to represent ourselves, (and thereby not needing a City of Toronto Tenant Defence Fund grant to cover any legal costs). Is it standard practice of the city to tell tenants to represent themselves against the landlords' lawyers, and if so, then why did you create the fund in the first place? If the money is not spent to cover legal costs, and if there is any surplus where does the money go? After all this is the taxpayers' money.

I would appreciate copies of your Defence Fund's second and third quarter reports, and information on whether the contents of such reports are independently verified and, if so, by whom.

Yours truly,

Janet M. Lisboa

High Park Tenants' Association

Typists Notes: She never did get any of the future reports, nor any responses from the City.

And any surpluses in year in the City's Tenant Defence fund, are usually assigned (ie. given) to the Federation of Metro Tenants Associations. No wonder they convince tenants not to apply for funding.

Additionally, the organization that has been repeatedly hired without public tenders, to be the Tenant Defence Fund, Outreach Organizing Team, is none other than the Federation of Metro Tenants Associations

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