Join our group and buy a membership or else...

This is a typical type of posting from "tenants" on the FMTA's message board.

Obviously many of the "tenant" posts are by their own staff pretending to be ordinary tenants, because tenants are concerned about improving the lives of themselves and their neighbors in their own buildings and not in trying to get membership money out of FMTA website readers for the FMTA that already gets some $1/2 MILLION a year from Toronto taxpayers through city funding provided by Toronto politicians out ot manipulate and control the opinions of tenants.

This is onerous.

Translation: If you do not join us, and send us your money then:
You don't care about social justice
You don't care about the poor
You don't care about families
You don't care about single mothers
You support discrimination
You support poverty
You like others to be homeless and hungry.

You only have to see what this group has done to those who don't support them and won't go door-to-door collecting money to sign up their neighbors to this group, to see how sinister this group really is. See the following two pages to see a few of the many of the tenants who have been persecuted by this group: FMTA tries to destroy tenants associations who refuse to buy memberships and Another tenant harassed for refusing to join.

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