Another case of a tenant who won't support the FMTA being harassed

Here is yet another story, of somebody who was involved in getting an legal representative not on the "recommended list" of the Federation of Metro Tenants' Associations, and how they retaliate if they can't get their people hired for the job.

And as in every case the City of Toronto, buries the complaints, after apparently informing the FMTA of the complaints against them. The city never responds to these complaints.

February 7, 2001

Mr. Mel Lastman
Mayor of Toronto
Toronto City Hall
100 Queen St. West
Toronto, Ont

Dear Mr. Lastman,

This letter goes along with the letter from the Kings Cross-Knightsbridge Tenants Association. I was a member of that Committee and have since stepped down. I had never volunteered for something like this before, and after you read what happened to me, you will understand why I had no choice in the matter and why I will never again volunteer for anything.

My problems started after one of our committee members contacted the Federation of Metro Tenants' Association. Because of the advice given by one of the Agents from this Association I have gone through severe harassment by a specific committee member, my name has been smeared in the building that I live in, I have been verbally attacked and I've had visitors at my door. I am now afraid for my children and me. I am mad with this organization for not having the proper training and understanding of the severity and sensitivity of certain cases. My life in the last week has been Hell, again because of what this Agent was advising this specific person. Yes, I could have gone to the police with this matter, but my fears were that doing so would further aggravate this current situation.

Mr. Lastman, I am a little disappointed in all of this. This shows a different light on how things are really being run. I've never disliked you in any way, but this changes light on a lot. Please tell me, how do I go on without fear? With each piece fo information that this Agent gives to this person, sparks more aggravation within him and it gets directed at my family and me.

I would really like to know how something like this could have happened? And each day I keep asking myself, why am I being attacked like this? All that I was to this committee was a secretary who took minutes of meetings and received faxes from our Legal Representative in this case.

I am really disappointed in how this part of your group has been able to do this to one person and their family.

Tammy Baily
5 Kings Cross Rd.
Brampton, Ont. L6T 3X6
Phone: 905-790-xxxx

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