This received anonymously April 2013

( Gee, I wonder just which tenant association is it this person is talking about. Is it the one that half OCAP's core group has paid employment with? )

I was talking to my councillor who lives nearby and he is saying that OCAP has made it pretty clear privately that they will stop protesting for more shelter beds if there is more money for a tenants group they support.

If true then they are total hypocrites. I saw that idiot who runs OCAP on tv pleading for the city to prevent more deaths and going on about all the people dying because of a lack of shelter beds. If this is so then why is he willing to stop fighting against the homeless dying for lack of shelter beds if the city will instead give money to a group he has some connection to? Clearly he is a hypocrite and this is only a cheap tactic to get media attention to extract more public money out of the city.

Why won't the politicians expose this in the media?

It sounds like extortion to me.