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The FMTA's Marcia Barry and her public slander

Federation of Metro Tenants Associations tactics against those who will not endorse them

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This is typical of the online slander by Federation of Metro Tenants Associations employees against Bob Levitt to try to force him to shut down his tenant website.

I understand this convinced Bob to send a formal letter of complaint to Parkdale Community Legal Services, where he used to be a volunteer for many years.

Marcia Barry was FMTA staff at the time, and Marion MacGregor was the Secretary of the FMTA, plus she was the tenant lawyer at Parkdale Community Services.

Marcia Barry is now supposed to be a lawyer who is on the FMTA Board of Directors.

Bob hasn't provided me with his letter of complaint but I am still working on getting it.

I understand that within two weeks of his letter of complaint, Marion MacGregor was transferred from Parkdale Community Legal Services in Toronto's west end, to Neighbourhood Legal Services in Toronto's downtown east end even though she owns a house in the Dundas and Runnymede area (Toronto's west end).

And yes, this posting is a lie, as Bob has never been known to ever take money from tenants and has never represented tenants or ever offered to represent tenants before the Ontario Rental Housing Tribunal.

And Bob still has an account to this day, which he has only rarely used when his other account has been down.

FMTA board and executive member Kenn Hale once said in a board meeting I attended, that if "Bob Levitt isn't helping tenants as our (FMTA) volunteer, then he isn't going to be helping anybody".

I repeat this is a slanderous and false posting against Bob Levitt to get him to stop helping tenants with his tenant website, originally at Toronto Tenants that he was eventually forced to moved to Ontario Tenants Rights.

If you read this carefully, you will see that they never actually accuse him of doing any of these things, they only coach people as to what to claim, in the false hopes of getting money out of penniless Mr. Levitt. Notice the repeated use of the words "IF" and "MAY".

It looks like they were only trying to solicit false letters against Levitt that they could show around against him.

Newsgroups: tor.general
Subject: Did Bob Levitt rip you off?
From: (Marcia Barry)
Date: Wed, 16 May 2001 03:14:20 GMT
Message-ID: <>

If you lost money to Bob Levitt you may be able to get it back no matter how many thousand it may be and even if you have no receipt for the money you gave him.

That was why Bob disappeared. The Toronto Free Net did not want to been seen as an accessory to any crimes he may have committed. They disconnected his account. Once his activities were exposed he chose to disappear.

If Bob Levitt claimed he would solve your tenant problems took your money and then never showed up at the Ontario Rental Housing Tribunal don't despair. We may be able to get back your money. We have heard that he promised to prevent evictions and get rents decreased over lack of apartment maintenance.

If enough people put in writing how much money you lost to Bob Levitt we may be able to get your money back even if you paid him cash. Write us a letter with the details about how much money you paid him and what promises he made. Sign the letter. Include how we can contact you for a class action law suit.

Mail this letter to:

Marian MacGregor
Parkdale Community Legal Services
1266 Queen Street West
Toronto M6K 1L3

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