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Here is a sampling of what is found on FMTA's message board. The really offensive stuff is taken down within after a couple of weeks but will usually go back up again a few months later. And only verified people who are given passwords by the FMTA are able to post.

These are just a small sample of their attacks on those who won't actively endorse them getting more city money. For more look at attacks.

You can go to their message board at http://members2.boardhost.com/TorontoTenants/

Keep in mind while reading this that it is from an organization that gets almost half a million dollars in public money from the City of Toronto to organize and to give legal advice to tenants.

If you read closely for awhile, you will notice that a large part of these messages are planted by FMTA to make themselves look good. They often make 'straw men' of those who post concerns about them to their message board, in the same way 'open-mouth' radio often does.

Every kind of nasty game played over the net goes on between so called 'activists.' If governments ever had the sense to stop funding them, all this would stop.

Soon I will put up a montage of nasty messages sent to me, and about me to third parties, usually through anonymous remailers. Right now it is all in my old computer ( long story)

Tim Rourke

February 8, 2004

Toronto Tenants Unite!

Re: Strange Allies of Landlords

Posted by Keving Milburn on 11/16/2003, 1:37 am, in reply to "Strange Allies of Landlords"

Perhaps Mr. Martin will devote a few more bucks to the mental health systems throughout the various provinces and we can get these guys back on their meds again?

I guess the tenant movement is on track if these wingnuts are going to these lengths to try and disrupt it.

Toronto Tenants Unite!

Together we are strong!

Strange Allies of Landlords

Posted by Dan McIntyre on 11/14/2003, 8:30 pm

Board Administrator

Tonight, this Board was hit by scum posting about 120 messages of spam to disrupt this Board.

At a point in history, where tenants have renewed hopes for fairness, there are people who don't want us to succeed.

The Canadian Mental Health system can not deal with those people.

But we will work together to get the beneficial change we need.

Together we are strong! Cyber scum can not stop the tenants of Toronto, and they can not stop the Federation of Metro tenants Association from working with good people to make all of our lives better.

Tenant candidates

Posted by Kenn on 11/10/2003

Who are the protenant candidates?

For Mayor the NDP's David Miller has always supported Tenants and has promised to double funding to all tenant programs.

Ward 1 Suzan Hall even though she's a Liberal

Ward 2 Abdi Jama

Ward 3 Anybody but that landlord Doug Holyday

Ward 4 Anybody but tory Gloria Lindsay-Luby

Ward 5 Stan Grabowski

Ward 6 Gerry Smith

Ward 7 Giorgio Mammoliti - no choice about this idiot he had no competition and was acclaimed

Ward 8 Anthony Perruzza

Ward 9 Maria Augimeri is NDP but she needs to do more in support of funding for tenant programs

Ward 10 Lorne Berg

Ward 11 Rosemarie Mulhall

Ward 12 Joe Renda

Ward 13 Margo Duncan NDP and endorsed by Miller

Ward 14 Silvia Watson also endosed by David Miller

Ward 15 Howard Moscoe a big FMTA supporter

Ward 16 Anne Johnston another FMTA supporter

Ward 17 tenant supporter David Senater

Ward 18 Adam Giambrone NDP

Ward 19 Joe Pantalone NDP

Ward 20 Olivia Chow NDP and endorsed by David Miller

Ward 21 Joe Mihevc is a huge FMTA supporter

Ward 22 Michael Walker the FMTA's best supporter

Ward 23 John Filion NDP and endorsed by David Miller

Ward 24 unfortunately David Shiner was acclaimed

Ward 25 wide open to anybody

Ward 26 Jane Pitfield

Ward 27 Kyle Rae

Ward 28 Pam McConnell better do more for tenants or Pierre Klein would be the next choice

Ward 29 anybody but tory Case Ootes

Ward 30 Paula Fletcher NDP

Ward 31 Janet Davis NDP endorsed by Miller

Ward 32 Sandra Bussin NDP endorsed by Miller

Ward 33 anybody but tory Rob Davis

Ward 34 anybody but tory Denzil Minnan-Wong

Ward 35 anybody but Gerry Altobello

Ward 36 Robert Scott

Ward 37 open race

Ward 38 Glenn De Baeremaeker environmentalist

Ward 39 Sherene Shaw

Ward 40 Winston Ramjeet

Ward 41 Sonny Yeung

Ward 42 Paulette Senior

Ward 43 Glenn Kitchen

Ward 44 anybody but Moeser

Toronto Tenants Unite!

Together we are strong!

Re: FMTA meetings

Posted by Dan McIntyre on 9/21/2003, 12:22 pm, in reply to "FMTA meetings"

Tenant volunteers are so desperately needed in their own building and community, that they hardly need to spend evenings at Board meetings or committee meetings.

The newsletter is one of our many tools of communication. The AGM is for members and is held in a large room. Committee and Board meetings are held in a small room.

That being said, any MEMBER can call or write to the office if they wish to attend a Board meeting or join a committee.

Volunteers are always welcome.

We expect another newsletter to go out in October, with more about the AGM, and more about all the tenants who voted in the October 2 election.

New Board members are always important and we try to "orient" them as quickly as possible.

I should note that there was another response to this message which I have edited out. This message indicated that we must be vigilant against the strange allies of landlords. That is true. This City has time wasters with poisoned and defective minds that do not help the big picture for tenants.

Tenants are blessed with some marvelous volunteers throughout the City, and many of those volunteers take the time to serve on our Board.

The FMTA is responsible to its members and to the interests of tenants across Toronto.

Toronto Tenants Unite!

Together we are strong!

Re: Other tenant federation

Posted by Dave on 7/9/2003, 5:54 pm, in reply to "Re: Other tenant federation"

There are others out there who try to trade on the good name of the Federation of Metro Tenants Assocations because they have bad reputations.

They only have web sites because they have no offices and represent nobody but themselves.

One of those abusers web sites is now down but two are still left.

One is the Toronto Tenants clearly trying to make people think it is the Federation and creating an address almost indentical to the Federations' www.torontotenants.org with their fake http://www.geocities.com/torontotenants

You can complain about that doppleganger site to abuse@geocities.com

The other site is run by a pathetic misogynist at http://www.freelives.ca

Does anybody know who you complaint to about the lies on that site?

Toronto Tenants Unite!

Together we are strong!

Re: As seen on Usenet (how long till this gets deleted?)

Posted by Dan McIntyre on 6/5/2003, 11:30 pm, in reply to "As seen on Usenet (how long till this gets deleted?)"

Fred is a false name. he has been hassling me on another discussion group, as has "Jim Parker"

1. His allegation about us referring people to a racist web site (one which made anti-semitic comments about Bob Levitt) is totally false. I have tried to remove any such junk from this site as soon as possible, I have seen that phony site and it is disgusting and would never be tolerated by us.

2. He refers people to a hate site run against us by I am deleting that reference...

3. I have suggested to fred on the toronto general discussion site thst he contact me. He insists he is not Bob Levitt, but he only uses e-mail. He says that is to prevent spam. How about a real letter with a 48 cent stamp idientifying yourself. I am too old for these silly fights, but this guy wants me to deal with a phantom.

4. It is so sad that these pathetic people continue their rant against us, I have a few questions for them..

Do you agree with FMTA that charging an extra $250 for dogs is outrageous?

Do you agree that their ought to be special protection against eviction for people affected by SARS?

Do you agree that the Tenant Protection Act is a failure and has to go and be replaced?

Do you agree that rents in Toronto are too high?

Do you agree that the Province must return to building affordable non profit housing?

Do you agree that property Standards needs to be rigorously enforced?

Do you agree that housing should be a right?

Do you agree that tenants ought not to be paying the extra tax rate being assessed by the City?

Is there any policy position of the FMTA that you disagree with?

Do you agree that we should be opposing landlord efforts to convert buildings to condominiums?

Do you agre that tenants need to vote in record numbers in the upcoming election?

All of the above is what we have been working on.

So which side are these cyber people on?

Sadly, this started when I made a short post agreeing with some one who said that both Bob Levitt's site and our site were helpful and that we should put petty fighting behind us....I simply posted "I completely agree"

These people are hiding behind phony names....everything we say is on the record

But are they really concerned about tenants? or as some have suggested are they working (perhaps unwittingly) for landlords?

They don't want tenants to have the services offerred by the FMTA through detailed contracts with the City. Should we rely on anonymous people?

At least we know who Bob Levitt and Tim Rourke are. Who dreamed up "Fred" and "Jim"

This string will be deleted sometime next week, because it adds nothing (just like Fred) to the benefit of tenants.

I am very fed up with these jerks. I may not be perfect, but I work hard, I have a family and I care deeply about the issues affecting tenants.

I thought faithful readers and friends and supporters should see this small piece of the junk I have had to put up with.

I am sorry to you about this rant.

Toronto Tenants Unite!

Together we are strong!

Re: pay the rent and feed the kids

Posted by Kenn on 5/11/2003, 7:46 pm, in reply to "Re: pay the rent and feed the kids "

With the Rental Housing Forum the FMTA has been assisting the city with that is scheduled for Tue and Wed May 27 and 28 from 4-6pm and 7-9pm both days in the Metro Hall rotunda 55 John Street at John and King Streets.

We really need to come up with a list of these undesirable psychoes and have the city barr them from the property for those two days. Its easier to prevent them from entering the event in the first place then trying to get security and the police to kick them out when they harass or threaten the people participating. They have done it at enough events clearly to scare people from attending tenant and poverty events.

Security must be put in place before the event to make sure they can never get in to cause any trouble in the first place.

No need to publish a list here but I can already think of 4 to start with!

Toronto Tenants Unite!

Toronto Tenants Unite!

Together we are strong! Re: SARS

Posted by Wendy on 4/22/2003, 6:12 pm, in reply to "Re: SARS"

Paul must have been Bob Levitt.

He's a theiving psycho who profits off of poor tenants.

He works with the Tories and the landlords with his plagiarized `tenant' web site to prevent tenants from getting organized.

The materials are all copied from Federation pamphlets and manuals.

When there is conflict and disruption on this board it is always him behind it.

That is why something has to be done about him and his right wing activities.

Toronto Tenants Unite!

Together we are strong!

2 down 1 to go

Posted by Dave on 4/4/2003, 11:16 am

There are scammers and crazies out there who want to separate you from your money.

Today we found out that Tim Rourke and his www.freelives.ca web site was finally taken down! It did nothing but try to destroy the legitimate tenants movement.

Paul York and his fake Greater Toronto Tenants Network disconnected their phone line and has stopped taking money from tenants.

All that is left now is that crooked paralegal Levitt and his copycat torontotenants web site.


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