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FMTA sells out tenants interests to NDP whose government funds them

On October 10, 1991, Ontario NDP Minister of Community and Social Services, Zanana Akande resigned as minister due to an accusation of rent-gouging in properties she owned.

She had already been seen as controversial over her proposals to ban food banks in Ontario and attacks against Toronto's Daily Break Food Bank and its Executive Director, Gerard Kennedy.

The Federation of Metro Tenants' Associations which was receiving the majority of its funding from the NDP Ontario government was widely criticized along with FMTA Chairperson, lawyer Kenneth Hale (now Executive Director of the government funded Advocacy Centre for Tenants Ontario, ACTO, and previously the Toronto Tenants Hotline) for providing Akande with advice on how to fight her tenants in appeal hearings.

Fall 1993
The Tenants' Bulletin
Published by the Federation of Metro Tenants' Associations

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Akande Guilty and Not Guilty

by Federation Staff

Zanana Akande, the former social services minister who resigned over charges she had rented apartments at illegal rents was the subject of two Rent Review Hearing Board decisions in August.

An appeal decision cleared her of claims that since 1985 she had been charging illegal rents for the duplex she owns at 954 Avenue Road. The Board found that the units had been so substantially renovated in 1984 that they could be re-rented by Akande in 1985 as new units at higher rents. The rent review law in effect at that time allowed landlords to reset rents to whatever they wanted after substantial renovations.

But a week later the Hearings Board issued a decision that she had charged one of her former tenants about $280 in illegal rents in 1991. A private settlement has been reached between Akande and that tenant.


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