Who Toronto landlords like to work with and who Toronto's bad landlords fear

I find it very interesting that landlords would repeatedly say they can work with the Federation of Metro Tenants' Associations, the city's attempts to control Toronto tenants, but that they fear with a passion, little Robert Levitt who weighs a meagre 120 pounds and is very sickly.

No, Bob does not hold tenant meetings, he only created and runs his tenant website, but its popularity seems to put fear into bad landlords and politicians alike. This probably explains their bombastic description of him and their encouragement for people to take down his tenant signs and his website. If you are a tenant you will want to visit his Ontario Tenants' Rights website, and here is you have a Toronto Tenants Association.

I find it strange that Dan McIntyre allows landlords to post on the FMTA's message board, and that "Bob the landlord," Nick his son, and other landlords welcome him with open arms just as Brad Butt of the landlord's Greater Toronto Apartment Association does.

The much more radical small landlords had a message board at http://members7.boardhost.com/Landlordontario where the following two postings appeared, but at the suggestion of Dan McIntyre created a new website http://www.ontariolandlord.ca so they can organize lots more small landlords, presumably against tenants. These landlords have talked about not renting out vacant apartments to create a shortage to force the Ontario government to eliminate any rent controls and so they can then use the housing shortage they created to raise rents even further. Most notable on the front page of their new website is that they quote, ""Let me start by wishing you well on your new site. Your efforts and enthusiasm are remarkable and laudable." Mr. Dan McIntyre, Federation of Metro Tenants Assocation"

I had heard that when Dan shut down the Ottawa tenant group and started his service Dan McIntyre and Associates, that he was not just a tenant paralegal but that he was also trying to help landlords for a fee, but I have never been able to verify the claims by tenants in Ottawa of this, but it is now sure making me wonder.

This is from one of the landlord's message boards that welcome Dan McIntye and the FMTA with open arms.

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