Sarah Vance was hired by the Federation of Metro Tenants' Associations in 2010 to work on their city funded Tenant Hotline for well over $40,000 a year.

Reports coming in are that she spends very little time on the hotline, spending most of her time in OCAP community organizing and protests such as OCAP's July 21, 2011 protest against KPMG

She continues to spend most of her time in "community organizing" while being paid to do something else at the expense of the city.

Here is her latest from OCAP:

Sarah Vance continues to go on about how tough it is as a single parent but when you can get over $40,000 for not working you have to ask some questions.

Her child Amina should be about 10 years-old now (in 2011) and you have to ask whether children that old should have subsidized daycare with what her salary is.

Then there is the issue as to why she became a single mother - after Amina's father found out his wife Sarah was having a long term relationship on the side with well-known OCAP lothario Sean Reany.

With her income should she be getting the subsidized daycare space when there are so many truly poor, the same people Sarah Vance publicly proclaims she represents, whose place she is taking?