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Posted by Pat on 8/6/2009, 12:16 pm, in reply to "Landlords"
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It is clear this tenant or two who want to hurt all other tenants and help the landlords are sickos.

Don't underestimate their mental problems.

How can we get them the treatment they so desperately need? Is there some place we can report them so that somebody will investigate them and independently assess their mental health so they can get the treatment and medication they so deperately need?

Is there any authority we can report him/them to so that they can monitor their internet activities or get a court order to ban them and their websites from the internet?

These twisted souls obviously don't have enough insight and intelligence to seek the treatment they need. How do we get it for them?

Mod. Note - mental health issues are serious and many people have them.....the problem here is how do you stop people from anonymously using the internet for the old days they had no such forum.....and in public, these men are seen for what they are and not taken seriously...I guess are challenge is to not take them seriously on the internet.....the recent problem being that they have been allowed on another board and they had a field day stirring up trouble.

--Previous Message--
: Watching the landlords board it has become
: very clear and I have traced it down that a
: quisling has been posting there to cause a
: war between tenants and the reasonable
: landlords like Bob.
: This quisling in our midst is so adamant
: that he wants to succeed with his business
: that he will do anything to help his friends
: the landlords even if it means hurting
: thousands of tenants.
: His diseased mind has led him to post there
: with many fake names pretending to be
: tenants to outrage the landlords and give
: them a lot of detailed advice as to how to
: destroy the tenants movement.
: Let all tenants instead stand in solidarity
: behind this website and the Federation of
: Metro Tenants Associations and he will only
: succeed in uniting us all.
: Together we are strong!