latest report about OCRAP

Here is the latest report about OCAP received November 29, 2012.  


BTW Mark Brill is now dying his hair dark and not the weird color in your picture.


Talking to someone in the OCAP office he said there has been a big turnover in members the past few years with only the executive and some old timers sticking around. The rest of us come and stay for a few months or maybe 2 years and then go.


He also said the woman who claims you and your friend stalk women is AJ Withers and loves to make false claims against just about anybody.

I quit OCAP after attending their last meeting and what happened there.


Mark Brill asked another new member if he had a credit card and he answered yes. We both thought it was about the politics of credit cards or some warning about rates. Instead Mark said he needed the person to register a couple of websites for him. He said he wouldn't do it and Mark should do it himself.


Mark said he couldn't do it himself and it had to be in someone elses name. He said he had to put back up the Tim Rourke Watch and another site against another fascist friend of his. He wanted the sites to have their names as the address for them and thats what he needed the credit card for to register the websites.


Again he said he would not hand over his credit card to anyone.


Then a woman got into the act and was just kept hammering at him saying that if he cared about justice he would hand over the credit card, it wouldn't much money and they would give him the money up front that would be charged to the card for the 2 websites. It wouldn't cost him anything he just had to hand over the card. She said you and your friend are both mysoginists who have a long history of stalking women. You don't have her on your cause pimps website but looking through it Toby Whitfield could be her younger brother he looks so much like her.


Nobody stepped in to stop this and being a new member I am sorry to say I did not either.


Talking to him later he said he was going to quit and I am never going back either.


I could not believe the pressure there was to hand over a credit card to a stranger! Who would do such a thing. I have to wonder if they do this to all new members.


We had both gone to only 2 meetings and they say they are for the people but all they seemed interested in was getting use of his credit card and asking me to do things I would have been sure to be arrested for.


What sort of group are they? They sure don't care about poor people!


never going back