OCAP deserves no legal funds!

Febrary 8th, 2015. I got the following message just lately, commenting on another OCAP call out for legal funds. It is hard to know what to make of it, without some more precise information.

Below that is the text of the OCAP call out. In that they promise to use what is left over from legal defence for general activities. It is telling that they have no details about why the five were arrested.

The same basic points apply in all cases.

1. If you are going to join OCAP, whose main business is inducing people to get themselves arrested, expect to be arrested. All OCAP actions are intended to fail. These are ideological communists who think they are preparing "the revolution".

2. People who are arrested have access to legal aid, if they think they need a lawyer to hold their hand. If they are denied bail, the story is a bit different; they need someone outside who can do legwork to arrange legal aid for them. I have become convinced that if you are arested because of some political bullshit, and have not really done anything, you are better off defending yourself. Legal aid lawyers will screw you.

3. OCAP is absolutely no help in improving the situation for the homeless. Their agenda is to create anger which they can harness to wage class war. Homeless people are generally better off not going into one of these hostels. What should be advocated for is a serious system of sheltering homeless people. Hostels are currently run on the welfare bureaucrats mentality that they should be as nasty as possible in order to encourage their "clients" to move on. What on earth good is demanding more bedspace in unliveable conditions?

Here is the "report"

Dont know if this is good.

I remember following the posts of someone who got in loads of trouble who had some connection to OCAP. He posted about a similar situation when they thought he should not have. I can't find his Twitter account and he may have cancelled it because there were a lot of people very angry with him and making threatening posts.

It was about OCAP funding for a legal team for someone with the last name Gindin. I remember that name because there is a faculty at Ryerson with the same name. The man with some connection to OCAP posted saying that Gindin already had a pro bono lawyer and asking why there were all the fundraising letters saying money was desperately needed when he already had a free lawyer.

Lots of people were attacking him on Twitter for revealing that. I never saw anybody claim he was wrong.

I wonder if OCAP is doing the same thing again as an excuse to make money.

Here is the original OCRAP callout

Dear friends and comrades,

We need help raising funds to support the women arrested on November 25th, 2014! On this day, an OCAP delegation of five women went to a Shelter and Housing Support office of the City of Toronto while a rally of hundreds gathered in the adjacent park. These women were demanding that the City act on its promises to reduce overcrowding in the shelters and, in particular, to open two 24-hour safe space drop ins for homeless women and trans people who face an especially high threat of violence on the streets.

The struggle for a 24-hour drop in space for women and trans people began in September 2013 when a woman was raped by two different men in one night as she slept on the steps of a community agency in the Dundas and Sherbourne area. After many deputations, meetings and rallies, the city promised that it would keep shelter occupancy below 90% capacity and open a 24 hour drop-in for women and trans people in 2014. Lamentably, efforts to open new shelter beds and a 24-hour drop-in were stalled and nothing was set in place for the Winter of 2014/2015. Ten days into January of 2015 four men died on the bitterly cold streets of Toronto as a consequence of inadequate shelter space.

While the city has promised, again, to put the 24-hour drop in on the Spring budget, and create more shelter beds in 2015, this was not without great struggle and determination on behalf of community members. Still, shelter spaces are dangerously over crowded and unfit to meet the complex needs of those without shelter.

We would greatly appreciate your support. Funding from your donation will go to support the legal costs of those 5 women who were arrested on Nov. 25th for daring to demand safe shelter, and decent, accessible and affordable housing for all. In the event that we surpass our goal, all of the remaining funds will go to future anti-poverty and homelessness organizing efforts.