Oh, Crapper's gallery

After naming OCAP as the golden screws of the year I have had some people sending me around information and some photos of people involved with it. What concerns me about most of these people is their own evident ideology. They are the polar opposites of the OCAP people and just as whacked out. But they are useful to political cadres who need stooges to further their various agenda, whether new left or new right. All these people are enemies of ordinary people trying to get by and to get some fundamental justice out of a fundamentally unjust system.

My basic beleifs are and will remain anti-capitalist and in favor of an economy organized for human needs; in other words, socialist. Where I differ sharply with most of the "Left" in Canada, from the Trotskies to the NDP, is that I really mean this and I beleive the only way to acheive it is by establishing a deep democracy.

This is what really offends me about Left people; they are authoritarians. They are in the way of deep democracy. They are in the way of people learning to govern themselves. They think they know best for everybody.

To be able to criticize these people effectively, to have credibility, you have to be in that space of authentic democratic socialism. What we have lately is a couple of yo-yos who talk like throwbacks to the cold war and who seem to think anything that carries civilization is "socialism". I refer to "Genuine Witty" and "Undercover Kitty", who seem to have a big campaign going on to tie everything "Left" to the most extreme and indefensible manifestations of it.

People want me to crib their information for my own site, but a lot of this stuff I just cannot use. The people have to be actually doing something nefarious. I have to be able to trust the information. I am not running an "everybody hate on so and so because he/she is a "red" because everybody says so".

But to be involved with OCAP betrays a special kind of stupidity if not fanaticism. People should be aware that they are involved with such a group when they try to get into responsible positions. You do not want them in such positions, where they can attack people, move their "comrades" in with them, turn what were good organizations into "fronts".

So, here are some people, many of whom I do not have enough information on to open a file of their own, but who are hanging around with OCAP.


This is "Chantal"

It seems Chantal is not very bright, but she is black and can deliver a reasonably good oration. This gives OCAP, a remarkably "white" group in a very multi ethnic town, some cover against "racist" accusations.


This is "Gary"

Not much known about Gary, but he has been involved with OCAP for a long time.


This is John Mura

Sometimes it is "Gian" Mura. He has also been around OCAP for a long time. Why he sticks with them is a puzzle, because awhile ago some of the younger members of OCAP tried very hard to get the police and court guards pissed of at him, to get him stuck in jail for a long time. He wrote out a greivance about it, addressed it to the OCAP exec. Then he went off to Vancouver for awhile. Then a few years later he came back to Toronto and started up with OCAP again.


This is Mark Brill

Sometimes "Marque". There is enough about him in his own causepimps file.


This is John Clarke

He is considered the leader and cofounder of OCAP. Has his own Causepimps file. I question how much power he really has within this outfit because he does not seem to be very bright. Yet he is a very good talker and has a kind of charisma. He is a very difficult individual to figure out.


This is "Ryan"

It seems the red neck OCAP watchers are convinced he is some sort of "Grey Emminence" within OCAP because he is at most of their events and seems connected to key protest people. Who knows?


This is Sigrid Kneve

She is said to come from the same indian reserve where Shawn Brant and Sue Collis live. She travels frequently between there and Toronto, it seems, so therefore she must be some kind of courier. Who knows?


This is Liisa Schofield

She already has her own cause pimps file. She is thought to be a key person in OCAP


This is Kelly-Sue Burgess

The OCAP watchers think she is an important logistics person with OCAP. She seems to do a lot of running around during protest events, making sure key participants are ready and in place when needed.