Oh, Crap! OCAP fucks the dog again

September 21, 2003.

Dear Johnny;

As you will recall, about a year and a half ago you and everyone else connected with OCAP were told by me and a few other people that any involvement I have with any other person or group of people, so long as I am not claiming to represent OCAP, is none of your business.

You may further recall that you and the rest of that faction at OCAP were told where to shove your warning. You don't seem to have learned anything from that occasion.

Instead you are behaving even more like a little star chamber. So you let me know on Friday evening that I am supposed to come down there on Monday without any way of finding out what exactly I am being accused of and being able to prepare a defense against it? You have already carried on two little secret trials without bothering to inform the accused? You would think you would have learned something from all the time you spend in courts, about how it is supposed to work.

I won't be there on Monday. I have something better to do nearby. If it is at the parliament street library I might be able to pop in at the end, to see to it you have distributed my reply as per below. Before I respond to anything, I am going to have it in writing exactly what the accusation is against me. The little shits who are accusing me will have to face me and repeat their slander in front of me and my own witnesses. Then I am going to prepare a very thorough written response.

There are people I need to contact. Then we will meet this membership committee, and then the executive, and if you still have the guts for it by that time, we will take it to the membership of OCAP.

Meanwhile, you will distribute copies of this letter and your original letter to all members of OCAP and OCF.

All these so called incidents, last year and this, are part of a very intense slander and harassment campaign organised against me by the Federation of Metro Tenants Associations, a group OCAP is supposed to despise and want nothing to do with. But you are getting along very well with TDRC, which has become a branch of FMTA and no more than another money sucking self promotion machine.

You will recall that it was FMTA which put me in jail for five weeks during 2000, for no reason other than to have me out of the way while they were voted a million bucks by the city council. You will recall it was the lawyer OCAP called for me, Kellerman, who acted in a conflict of interest, who sabotaged me, failed to show up at court, failed to move for bail review, and so on. You continue to put people in contact with Kellerman and his law union associates, despite their growing reputation for defending some people and screwing over others, according to their own agenda.

I have been having a difficult time with lawyers for over three years. I had a couple of criminal defense lawyers screw me up, maneuvering me into a plea bargain I never should have made, and making it harder to get a civil suit going against FMTA. You will recall how I informed OCAP that the cop who railroaded me openly bragged to me of taking a bribe from FMTA to do it.

I have had a couple of civil lawyers screw up on my case with the jail over my broken wrist. That matter is now nearing its denouement and I am sure there will be a substantial settlement, probably before the end of the year. I have an idea of how I want to use my award to support direct action case work aimed at protecting people in the kind of poverty and powerlessness situation I have been in all my life.

However, I don't think I will be making any large donations to OCAP, and probably not TDRC either. More about that below.

Like true sociopathic personality disorders, FMTA and its acolytes are obsessed about me. I try to be as actively involved in a variety of things, but they are stalking me. Every time I turn around, they are trying to get me pushed out of some group. It is difficult to live with, but the worm will turn. I am building up a file that will be very useful if I can get a civil case going against FMTA for harassment, slander, or whatever they call it.

Any documentation you are able to put forward of these spurious allegations against me, will go very well into that file.

Every incidence of harassment is easily traced back to FMTA. The nonsense last year was organised by FMTA; they gloated about it on their website. The person who accused me of breaking up his 'discussion group' about fascist economics, Gary Morton, is a fanatical supporter of FMTA. I have information that he and Stepan Pilipa, the puke who laid these accusations against me at the OCAP member meetings, and someone called Henry Martinuk, have been involved in harassing a Buddhist nun called Karen Harrison. It seems they have broken her windows. I have seen the sickening posters they put up around her neighborhood. I have suggested to her that she report Pilipa and the rest to OCAP's 'member committee.' She says she is afraid to do that.

You say you have letters about me from TDRC and ISAC. Did the authors of the libels sign their names to them or were they just slid under your door? You are correct that I have a pretty good idea of what the TDRC matter is about. But ISAC puzzles me. There are some issues with some of their staff, but that is internal to ISAC and even less any of OCAP's business than the rest of my affairs. I am on good terms with the chair of ISAC, Bill Haggett. I will discuss with him this interferance from OCAP when I meet him on Sunday at the Annual General Meeting of ISAC, of which I am a member in good standing.

So, OCAP fucks the dog again. I have been a participant in OCAP for almost as long as I have been in Toronto; eight years. There have always been some problems with it, but there has been a deterioration in the past couple of years that seems to have to do with the inability to create the kind of mass actions the ultra-left elements want, and inability to come to terms with the reality of police countermeasures against such actions.

What it is degenerating to is a few ultra-lefts fighting to stay in control, the better people standing aside, and the membership made up of utter donkeys who can be instigated into anything or against anyone, as long as there is no risk or serious effort for them.

This is what I was thinking of writing in response to the request some weeks ago for 'suggestions and criticisms.' I eventually decided to say nothing for the time being. I was interested in what other people had to say, whether many people had the same feelings I have about it; that I don't want to get heavily involved with OCAP's activities because of all the bad mouthing. I believe an end to these kindergarten inquisitions against me would likely improve morale.

I don't really care much if I get thrown out of OCAP. MacIntyre at FMTA can strut around chortling, 'Oh, look, he's been kicked out of another group. Can't get along with anybody.' It will inconvenience me somewhat, because I want to keep tabs on the squatter movement in Ontario.

But the organisation does not seem to be really effective anymore. It is a problem of leadership. It shows how utterly dense the Toronto screws are that they keep trying to take Johnny Clarke down. If they had any brains they would be doing everything to keep you in place, Johnny. I think a more effective anti-poverty struggle would break out if you and a few of the doctrinaire OCAP members dissapeared.

OCAP is becoming a garbage can and I think the best members of it need to walk away and think about things a bit, and start the anti-poverty struggle over again.

That leads me to an idea I have of what to spend my new wealth on. I have been thinking of using part of it to lease a cheap space somewhere in the center east area for a year, and equip it with basic office appliances. I have been impressed by "The Spot" in Kitchener. It would be a good way to catalyse a renewed movement against poverty in Toronto. However, grownups only would be allowed to enter. Or at least kids who have enough sense to know they don't know everything and can learn from the adults.

I don't define adults chronologically, but by actual mental development. This is what the real problem with any kind of activism in toronto.