OCAP fundraising letter

It looks like John Clarke, OCAP's only full-time employee wants people to donate,
but he admits what he really wants is a pension plan in addition to CPP for himself!

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From: OCAP 
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Sent: Tuesday, June 28, 2011 8:57 PM


   As the local version of capitalism's international austerity agenda bites
deeper, OCAP is doing everything it can to increase the scale and
effectiveness of its work.  We have taken on an organizer from within
Etobicoke's Somali Community, a community with a history of fighting back.
We have brought on a caseworker to increase our capacity to mobilize against
the individual injustices poor people face daily.  We have included an
office administrator to ensure that basic a vital tasks involved in our
organizing are taken care of.  This is in addition to the two organizers we
already had, the office and other costs we are faced with every month.

   We have gradually increased our base of regular funding to nearly $3,000
a month.  Everything else we generate comes from fundraising events and one
time donations.  Our operating costs are very close to $7,500 each month
and, at present, we are not making up the shortfall.  We had hoped to set up
a fund to deal with issues of benefits and pensions for those working for
OCAP but, at the moment, we are forced to focus on trying to avoid cutting
back on those doing our organizing work.

   The IMF is calling for decades of austerity and we have Harper, Ford and,
very possibly, Hudak lining up to make their contributions to social
retrogression.  An organization like OCAP that fights back and mobilizes
poor communities to resist is needed in this situation.  It would make more
difference than we can say if we could increase our monthly sustaining base
and know that the very modest budget we do a lot on was covered.

   We appreciate it when people send us one time or occasional cheques but
it would help so much more if  you could pledge a regular, even very small,
amount. (It doesn't have to be small, though!).  You can become a sustaining
funder in one of three ways.

1. Send us some posted dated cheques

2. Go to our website and set up a regular payment through Alert Pay

3. Send us a voided cheque and let us know how much to deduct each month and
we can do the rest.

   If you have followed our work and see what kind of minimal budget we
operate on, you'll realize that your donation will not sustain a
bloated bureaucracy but will be used to organize and mobilize.  We can
do a lot on very little, so please help us do that.